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Title : Perdana Menteri Dan Dasar Luar Malaysia 1957-2005
Author : Faridah Jaafar
Description :
Buku ini menganalisis perana Perdana Menteri dalam penggubalan dasar luar Malaysia dari tahun 1957 hingga 2005 di samping menilai pengaruh keperibadian mereka ke atas dasar luar negera ini. Lima fasa pemerintahan di bawah lima Perdana Menteri iaitu Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussien Onn, Tun Dr Mahathir dan Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi, membri gambaran tersendiri dalam keupayaan tokoh-tokoh tersebut merangka dasar luar Malaysia, malahan menampilkan keperibadian kepimpinan mereka melalui dasar luar yang digagaskan. Sejak kemerdekaan, kesemua Perdana Menteri ini menunjukkan penguasaan, kekuatan, kepimpinan, inisiatif dan pengaruh yang begitu ketara dalam dasar luar Malaysia. Dalam menganalisis dasar luar Malaysia, peranan peribadi begitu dominan dalam proses membuat keputusan. Hal ini terbukti kerana para penganalisis dasar luar Malaysia secara literal mengklasifikasikan fasa dasar luar negara ini bersandarkan tempoh pemerintahan Perdana Menterinya. Selain itu, buku ini turut menganalisis dan menilai kekuatan dan kelemahan dasar luar Mlaysia kesan daripada pengaruh peribadi kelima-lima Perdana Menteri terbabit.

Title : Microcontroller Based Applied Digital Control
Author : Dogan Ibrahim
Description :
This book presents the theory and application of microcontroller based automatic control systems. Microcontrollers are single-chip computers which can be used to control real-time systems. Low-cost, single chip and easy to program, they have tradisionally been programed using assembly languages of target processor. Recent developments in this field mean that is now possible to program these devices using high-level languanges such as BASIC, PASCAL, or C. As a result, very complex control algorithms can be developed and implemented on the microontrollers.

Title : Technical Drawing With Engineering Graphics
Author : Frederick E. Giesecke, Alva Mitchell, Henry Cecil Spencer, Ivan Leroy Hill, John Thomas Dygdon, James E. Novak, Shawna Lockhart
Description :
This full-color text is clear and comprehensive introduction and reference for student and professional who create 2D documentation drawing and engineering graphics bt hand or using CAD. It offers excellent technical detail, up-to-date standards, motivating real-world examples and clearly explained theory and technique in a colorful, highly visual, consisely written formate. design as an efficient tool for busy, visually oriented learners, this edition expands on well-tested material, bringing its content up-to-date with the latest standards, amterials, industries, and production proccess. Color models and animation bring ththe material to life for student on the book's Companion Website

Title : Automotive Air Conditioning
Author : Boyce H. Dwinggins
Description :
This book educate tommorow's technicians by providing them with one of the most authoritative guides to theory, diagnostic procedures, and service practices avaialbale anywhere. Fully updated ang significantly expanded, this edition of the popular Automotive Air Conditioning book now features all-new, extensive guidelines and step-by-step procedures for working with state-of-the-art automotive computer controls. More comprehensive discussion of current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements, including a lengthysection on retrofitting, has also been added to aid readers in mastering essential technical skilss while developing their ability to execute repaires grounde in sound, professional judgement. Clear, precise learning objectives at the start of each chapter, as well as other proven pedagogical aids, are also used effectively throughout the book to propel readers to successful careers in the automotive air conditioning industry.

Title : Management Accounting Second Edition
Author : Rozainun Abdul Aziz, Che Hamidah Che Puteh
Description :
This is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of both accounting and non-accounting students at degree and diploma levels. this edition comprises 21 chapters, which covers the fundamental theories and application of costing and management accounting and the use of accounting information for planning, control and decision making. The topics includes, among others, the theories and practices of costing, pricing, performance measurement, capital budgeting and contemporary management accounting. The chapter on contemporary management accounting, in particular, keeps the book relevant by discussing current developments in accounting, focusing on strategic and competitive issues. This book aims to equip students for the real world by an ebaling them to make inform decision, manage businesses effectively and improve performance.




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