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New Arrivals New Arrivals

Title : Score in MUET
Author : Asha Latha Bala Subramaniam
ISBN/ISSN : 9789834721947
Description :
Based on the latest MUET exam format 6 sets of MUET model papers

Title : Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators, and Learners
Author : Scott McQuiggan
Description :
Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators and Learners provides research-based foundations for developing, evaluating, and integrating effective mobile learning pedagogy. Twenty-first century students require twenty-first century technology, and mobile devices provide new and effective ways to educate children. But with new technologies come new challenges - therefore, this handbook presents a comprehensive look at mobile learning by synthesizing relevant theories and drawing practical conclusions for developers, educators, and students.

Title : E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline 2
Author : Tim Slade
Description :
Brand new users will learn all the basics of how to get started: scenes, slides, graphics, layers, states, questions, and screen recordings. Intermediate users will uncover the more powerful tools to create advanced interactions: actions, variables, and conditions—all in one book! Everyone will benefit from the special tips and insider secrets that let you do more and save time.

Title : Air Transportation: A Management Perspective
Author : John Wensveen
Description :
Air Transportation: A Management Perspective is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of air transportation management. In addition to explaining the fundamentals, the book transports the reader to the leading edge of the discipline, using past and present trends to forecast future challenges and opportunities the industry may face, encouraging the reader to really think about the decisions a manager implements. Written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand style, the Eighth Edition modernizes the text focusing on newly emerging management trends, innovative technology, and an increased emphasis on global changes in the industry that will change the future of aviation. New and updated material has been added throughout the text including mini case examples and supplemental presentation materials for each chapter. Air Transportation: A Management Perspective is suitable for almost all aviation programs that feature business and management. Its student-friendly structure and style make it highly suitable for modular courses and distance-learning programs, or for self-directed study and continuing personal professional development.

Title : The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics
Author : Grady Clein
Description :
The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics is the most imaginative and accessible introductory statistics course you'll ever take. Employing an irresistible cast of dragon-riding Vikings, lizard-throwing giants, and feuding aliens, the renowned illustrator Grady Klein and the award-winning statistician Alan Dabney teach you how to collect reliable data, make confident statements based on limited information, and judge the usefulness of polls and the other numbers that you're bombarded with every day. If you want to go beyond the basics, they've created the ultimate resource: "The Math Cave," where they reveal the more advanced formulas and concepts. Timely, authoritative, and hilarious, The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics is an essential guide for anyone who wants to better navigate our data-driven world.




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