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Title : Computing Essentials 2017 : Making IT work for you
Author : Timothy J.O’Leary,Linda I.O’Leary,Daniel A.O’Leary
ISBN/ISSN : 9781259921278
Description :
The goal of computing essentials is to provide you with the basis for understanding the concepts necessary for success.This book also endeavors to instill an appreciation for the effect of information technology on people, privacy, ethics an dour environment and to give you a basis for building the necessary skill set to succeed in the 21 st century

Title : Fundamentals of Management : Management Myths Debunked!
Author : Stephen P.Robbins,Mary Coulter,David A.DeCenzo
ISBN/ISSN : 9781292146942
Description :
This book covering the essential concepts of management,providing a sound foundation for Understanding the key issues; offering a strong practical focus, including the latest research on what managers and what doesn’t. It’s a self-contained learning package.In addition to the end-of- chapter summaries and review questions,reader can choose from the chapter self assessment,skills modules, hands-on manager’s inbox exercises, and case application.The text is supported by the most comprehensive Web site and supplement package.

Title : International Business : The New Realities (4 th edition)
Author : S.Tamer Cavusgil,Gary Knight,John Riesenberger
ISBN/ISSN : 9781292152837
Description :
This book and the My Management Lab online assessment and preparation solution has been carefully crafted to engage students to learn more about international business and ensure students are prepared to learn the material by using collaborative learning and realistic experiences that enable interaction, demonstration and social network.

Title : Excellence in Business Communication
Author : John V.Thill,Courtland L.Bovee
ISBN/ISSN : 9781292156651
Description :
This book will help you to develop vital communication skills that can be used throughout your career.Those skills can help you launch an interesting and rewarding career too.This brief prologue sets the stage by helping you understand today's dynamic workplace,the steps you can take to adapt to the job market and the importance of creating an employment portfolio and building your personal brand. Coverage of merging issue that are reshaping business communication fluency and the bring your own device phenomenon.

Title : E – Commerce 2016 : business.technology.society (12 th ed)
Author : Kenneth C.Laudon,Carol Guercio Traver
ISBN/ISSN : 9781292109961
Description :
This book provides you with an in depth introduction to the field of global e-commerce.It focus On key concepts,and the latest empirical and financial data that will help you understand and take advantage of the evolving world of opportunity of the evolving world of opportunity offered by e-commerce which is dramatically altering the way business is conducted and driving major shifts in the global economy.The 12 th global edition features new or updated opening,closing and “Insight on’ cases.The text,as well as all in the book have figures ,and tables in the book have been updated through 2015 with the latest marketing and business intelligence available from eMarketer,Pew Research Center,Forrester Research ComScore, Gartner Research and other industry and government sources.




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