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Title : HIGHER LEVEL BIOLOGY : Supporting every learner across the IB continuum.
Author : Alan Damon, Randy McGonegal, Patricia Tosto and William Ward
ISBN/ISSN : 9781447959007
Item Location : QH308.2, .H543, 2014
Description :
Completely revised new editions of the market-leading Biology textbooks for HL and SL, written for the new 2014 Science IB Diploma curriculum. Now with an accompanying four-year student access to an enhanced eText, containing simulations, animations, worked solutions, videos and much more. The enhanced eText is also available to buy separately and works on desktops and tablets. Follows the organizational structure of the new Biology guide, with a focus on the Essential Ideas, Understanding, Applications & Skills for complete syllabus-matching. Written by the highly experienced IB author team of Alan Damon, Randy McGonegal, Patricia Tosto and William Ward, you can be confident that you and your students have all the resources you will need for the new Biology curriculum.

Title : BIOLOGY : Supporting every learner across the IB continuum.
Author : Alan Damon, Randy McGonegal, and William Ward
ISBN/ISSN : 978144790680
Item Location : QH308.2, .D36, 2016
Description :
370pages, color illustration, 26cm Series editor: Christian Bryan, 2016. ACCN NO: 0016526

Title : BIOLOGY : for the IB Diploma Exam Preparation Guide.
Author : Brenda Walpole
ISBN/ISSN : 9781107495685
Item Location : QH308.2, .W354, 2015
Description :
This Exam Preparation Guide contains up-to-date material that matches the new 2016 IB diploma syllabus and offers support for students as they prepare for their IB Diploma Biology exams. The book is packed full of Model Answers, Annotated Exemplar Answers, Worked Examples and Hints to help students hone their revision and exam technique and avoid common mistakes. These features have been specifically designed to help students apply their knowledge in exams. This Exam Preparation Guide has been written in an engaging and student friendly tone making it perfect for international learners.

Title : Prof Dr.Muhaya: Sejernih sinar matamu
Author : RozinahAbd. Azib
ISBN/ISSN : 9789670466057
Item Location : RE36, .R694, 2013
Description :
Buku ini memaparkan tentang kisah figura pencetus inspirasi Prof Dr Muhaya seorang doktor pakar mata yang memperkenalkan konsep “celik mata hati” dan “cetik mata akal” dalam program Reset Minda. Konsep Reset Minda ialah konsep dimana kita perlu sentiasa berfikiran positif dan berimaginasi tentang masa hadapan kita. Kuncinya dengan menjaga minda bawah sedar dan minda sedar untuk sentiasa berprasangka baik terhadap Allah. Formula Reset Minda ialah fikiran menghasilkan emosi-emosi menghasilkan tindakan-tindakan menghasilkan hasil kehidupan. Buku ini juga merakamkan kisah susah senang, bahagia derita, cita-cita yang tercapai dan harapan yang berkecai seorang doktor pakar mata dan pencetus inspirasi yang sentiasa mengukirkan senyuman manis. Pembaca akan mendapat tip-tip berguna bagaimana untuk sentiasa positif dan cemerlang dalam hidup melalui perkongsian pengalaman Prof Dr Muhaya di dalam buku ini.

Author : Jill Rutherford and Gillian Williams
ISBN/ISSN : 9780198332565
Item Location : GE105, .R88, 2015
Description :
Motivating learners to explore and investigate scientific concepts, this new core Course Book helps learners actively connect study with wider issues relevant to the world today. The most comprehensive match to the new syllabus first examined 2017 and the only DP Environmental Systems developed directly with the IB, the inquiry-based approach truly engages learners, strengthening achievement. Integrated links to the Big Questions support a holistic approach to teaching and learning, encouraging students to make links between topics and other subjects. Truly engage learners with scientific concepts - the inquiry-based approach drives active exploration, investigation and critical thought Fully cover the new syllabus - the most comprehensive support for the new syllabus (first examination 2017), developed directly with the IB Strengthen achievement - current case studies and activities accessibly connect learning with relevant global issues, driving motivation and achievement Accurately implement the new requirements- written by DP Curriculum Devleopers and authors of the new syllabus Support the new internal assessment - fresh ideas and new approaches to practicals from Gilliam Williams help you tackle the changes Build assssment potential - assessment support directly from the IB provides unrivalled exam preparation




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