1. Current student and staff of KPMSI are automatically registered as KPMSI library members. Only registered members or those who had permission are allowed to enter the library and use the provided services.
  2. Patrons without ID cards and not in properly attire are not allowed into the library (Follow students / staff code of conduct).
  3. Loud discussion / conversation is not allowed.
  4. Eating, drinking, spitting, smoking and sleeping is not allowed.
  5. Cell phone should be switched to silent mode before entering the library.
  6. Put all books, magazines and other materials on designated trolleys after used.
  7. Patron who intend to leave the library must bring along their personal belongings as the library management will not be held responsible for the loss or damages of mention items.
  8. Patrons are not allowed to remove or change the arrangement of chairs or tables in the library.
  9. The Management of the library has the right to give verbal warnings and instruct any patrons to leave the premises if any of the rules is violated.


No. Category Loan Facilities (No. Books/Duration)
  Material Students Lecturers Administration staff
1. Open shelves

5 books/1 week (Foundation,DIB,HND)

4 books/1week (PIP)

10 books/4 weeks 

Fiction /1 week

5 books/4 weeks

Fiction /1 week

2. Magazines - 3 units/1week 3 units/1week
3. Audio Visual   3 units/1week 3 units/1week


  1. Patron must present their ID card in order to borrow the library materials.
  2. Library materials must be returned in good condition at the circulation counter.
  1. Patron are responsible for returning the materials they borrowed by the due date.
  2. Regular overdue charges are 50 cent per day per item for students.
  3. Fines can be paid at the circulation counter.
  1. The Library management should be notified immediately if any item borrowed lost.
  2. Items that are not returned before the maximum fine is reached will be considered lost.
Item may be renewed for additional loan period up to 1 time.