Welcome to the official site of MARA Knowledge Centre (MKC), also known as Perpustakaan MARA. MKC is a unit under Creative Technology & Multimedia Division (Bahagian Teknologi Kreatif & Multimedia, BTKM).

MKC provides various services such as borrowing and returning books, and references like newspapers, books, magazines and gallery materials. Emerald Insight, an online database system, is also available for users' access to academic journals and books in the fields of management, business, education, library studies, health care and engineering. We also have red spot collections such as theses and annual reports in the Archive Centre. To date, we have 26,000 items in MKC.

MKC uses Integrated Library Management Utility (ILMU) as its management system. It records book details and borrower's information. It has been used in 35 MARA education institutions (Institusi Pendidikan MARA, IPMa) and MARA Knowledge Centre as a pilot project since 2004.
MKC is the choice of venue for various MARA corporate and knowledge sharing sessions due to its warm ambience and elegance. 


To become a centre of excellence for IPMa institutions, producing a competent and informed society.



  • Provide accurate resources of information and upfront library services to meet the needs of library users.
  • Provide professional and user-friendly support for knowledge-acquisition and life-long learning.



  • Develop a library collection adhering to the highest standards in catering to the needs of current and future users.
  • Provide complete, organized and updated library information to users in a conducive environment.
  • Provide infrastructure based on information and communication technology to facilitate and support knowledge acquisition and life-long learning.


Client Charter

With great responsibility, we undertake to ensure that:

  1. Circulation services shall be completed within 1 minute.
  2. Late notice of returning books shall be issued within the same day.
  3. Returned library collections are shelved twice a day to promote quick and easy access.
  4. Application for book acquisition shall be processed within 1 working day after the form is received.
  5. Library collections shall be deposited within 2 weeks after received.