Borrowing Regulations Borrowing Regulations

Borrowing Regulations

Borrowing Rules and Regulations of MARA Knowledge Centre (MKC):-

  1. A valid MARA staff or MARA student Identity card must be presented when borrowing any MKC materials.
  2. Breach of any MKC Regulations may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.
  3. Any change of personal information should be informed to the MKC Staff at the Circulation Counter immediately.
  4. All MKC materials must be properly charged out at the Circulation Counter before the materials can be brought out form MKC. Any infringement of this regulation may lead to disciplinary action.
  5. Only MKC circulating materials are normally allowed to be charged out. Under exceptional circumstances, staff or students may obtain special permission from the MKC staff in charge or the MKC senior staff on duty to charge out non-circulating materials for a short period.
  6. All charged out materials must be returned to the Circulation Counter on or before the due date. All charged out books may not be returned by mail.
  7. A reservation service on charged out materials is provided for MKC users.
  8. Any defect, loss or damaged MKC material must be reported immediately to the MKC staff on duty. Borrowers shall be held responsible for any loss, damage or disfigurement by writing or other marks while material is being charged, and shall be required to pay full cost of replacing of repairing such materials.
  9. MARA staff members are responsible for returning all charged out materials before cessation of employment at MKC. MARA Students must return all charged out materials on withdrawal or on graduation from MARA Institutions.
  10. MKC staff in charge may restrict or preclude the loan or use of any MKC materials. Notwithstanding the above borrowing regulations., any MKC Staff in charge shall have the discretion to make special rules on MKC use and charging out of materials as deemed appropriate for the proper management of the facilities in MKC.