1. References
User can search reference information or materials in the library subject to the specified service.  
2. Borrowing services
Registered users qualify for a loan based on the conditions specified.  
3. Books return
Users can make the return of materials at the circulation counter.  
4. Booking
Users can book any materials in another user's loan or being displayed on the new arrivals collection at the circulation counter by using the form provided.
5. Reader's advisory service
Users who have problems related to the searching of materials, services and collections of the library can refer the librarian.  
6. Latest collection 
The latest library collections are displayed from time to time. This collection cannot be borrowed but can be booked according to existing rules.  
7. Locker
Library provides locked locker for users to keep valuables before entering the library. If the keys are lost, users have to pay fine amounting RM3.00 at the library.  
8. Carel desk 
Seven carel desks are available in the library. Any users can use the desk for privacy.
9. Lecturer reference room
 Lecturer reference room provided only for academic staffs that need privacy to make reference or reaserch. The room can accommodate 10 people at one time.
10. Discussion rooms
Discussion rooms are available for students. The room can accommodate 10 people at one time.
11. Media room
Media room is provided for the convenience of the lecturers to use audio visual tools such as television, video show and others. It can accommodate 40 students at one time. Facilities available in the media room are LCD projector, whiteboard, television, dvd player and speakers.
ii. User Guide
- How to find a book via web OPAC (Link insert)