-Open/Open Shelves
Materials are available for a loan and reference. 
-Red Spot
Consists of the book terminology, dictionary, ‘warta kerajaan', conference papers, reference materials the main programmes offered and others. 
-Subscription newspapers 
Every day except Friday, Saturday and public holidays i.e. Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, the new Straits Times and The Sun. Users can read in the lounge of the library. 
16 magazine titles are available for users. This collection is available for reading in the library only.
-Media Resources Collections
CDs and DVDs are available and can be played using the tools in the Media Room by lecturers only for Teaching and learning. This collection is not for borrowed.  
-Electronic Databases
Electronic database is available such as Emerald Insight, Ebrary, Books24x7 and lawnet.  
-Examination Question Papers
A collection of previous examination question paper is available in the library. These materials can be borrowed for 5 hours only to be photocopied or can be referred in the library only. 
-Archive KKTM Kemaman
Archive KKTM Kemaman is a publication of KKTM Kemaman including student disciplinary book, Handbook, annual reports etc.  
-Theses and dissertations
This is a collection of staff's research paper and student's final year report. This collection is available for reference only.