Discussion Room
Users in need of private discussion may use discussion room on two-hourly basis. We have 2 discussion rooms which are available at 2nd floor. Each discussion room accommodates 3-7 users and is well equipped with table, chair, electric power source and white board.
For the time being, no booking is needed to use this facility. First come first serve.
Computer Lab
Shizuoka Library provides 1 computer laboratories which accommodates 20 PCs. That laboratory is equipped with internet, Microsoft Office etc.
For reservation please contact your library or for staff you can reserve through Reservation System at www.intranetmjii.com
Study Carrel
For those who need a quiet and private atmosphere for study, we provide carrels which are available at third floor. We provide 10 carrels which located at the most strategic area.
Learning Support Unit Room
We provide a LSU room for extra learning and teaching process. For lecture and staff, please make reservation before through ‘Library Facilities Booking System' at www.intranetmjii.com.
For student, please make reservation through information counter email at shizuokalibrary@mjii.edumy.
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) workstation where library users are freely allowed to check information on library materials or surfing online database subscribes by MARA Knowledge Center.
We provide 2 units PCs that available on third floor. 
Magazine Corner
It was located at level 2 and library users are freely read and borrow all the magazines. There are about 77 titles consists of local and international magazines.
How to Find a book via OPAC.
Guide to access online database Knowledge Centre MARA