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Title : Embedded systems : high performance systems, applied principles and practice
Author : Alan Moore
ISBN/ISSN : 9781632401694
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
In today's time, embedded systems i.e. computer systems that are embedded in different types of devices play a crucial role in particular control functions and have led to the progress of different aspects of industry. Hence, we can hardly discuss our life, or even society, nowadays without referring to embedded systems. A number of high quality fundamental and applied researches are crucial to broaden the range of growth of these embedded systems. This book deals with research topics of various researchers and engineers across the world, which discuss embedded systems along with parallel computing, communication architecture, application-specific systems, and embedded systems projects. Various technologies have been illustrated in this book which will prove to be beneficiary for scientists around the globe.

Title : Real-Time Systems: Design and Applications
Author : Pascal Formann
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1632404398
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
A passionate plea to preserve and renew public education, The Death and Life of the Great American School System is a radical change of heart from one of America’s best-known education experts. Diane Ravitch—former assistant secretary of education and a leader in the drive to create a national curriculum—examines her career in education reform and repudiates positions that she once staunchly advocated. Drawing on over forty years of research and experience, Ravitch critiques today’s most popular ideas for restructuring schools, including privatization, standardized testing, punitive accountability, and the feckless multiplication of charter schools. She shows conclusively why the business model is not an appropriate way to improve schools. Using examples from major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego, Ravitch makes the case that public education today is in peril.

Title : Encyclopedia of Wireless Communications and Networks
Author : Bernhard Ekman (Editor)
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1632381774
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
The book highlights recent advancements starting from the lowest layers to the upper layers of wireless communication networks and consists of "real-time" research development on the related issues. The information in this book has been systematically organized in order to make it easily accessible to the readers of all levels. It also preserves the balance between the recent research results and their theoretical support. A huge variety of new techniques in this field are investigated in this book. The authors attempt to present these topics in detail by discussing wireless communication antennas, hardware and channel estimation and capacity. Intelligent and reader-friendly elucidations are provided in this book to serve the readers of all levels, ranging from knowledgeable and practicing communication engineers to beginners or professional researchers.

Title : Real-Time Embedded Components and Systems (Engineering)
Author : Sam Siewert
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1942270041
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
This book is written to teach practicing engineers and students how to apply real-time theory to the design of embedded components and systems in order to successfully build a real-time embedded system. It explores hard, real-time theory and soft, real-time concepts and this updated edition now covers Linux development using Virtual Box and virtual machines. The book covers and includes examples for ARM, MIPS, and x86 architectures. Also explored is FreeRTOS as an alternative to VxWorks for RTOS. It discusses tips for architectures to combine embedded Linux with traditional RTOS solutions using AMP (Asymmetric Multi-Processing) as well as SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) on multi-core embedded systems. A DVD with applied projects is included. It is updated to now cover Linux with emphasis on Yocto, Ubuntu development using Virtual Box and virtual machines. It explores hard real-time theory and soft real-time concepts, real-time scheduling, debugging components, high availability and high reliability design, system lifecycles, and the processes for hardware, firmware, and software development for systems built from components. It includes a DVD with example projects from robotics, computer vision, and digital media.

Title : Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems (Activate Learning with These New Titles from Engineering!)
Author : Dharma P Agrawal
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1305087132
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
Learn how wireless systems work, how mobility is supported, what the underlying infrastructure is and what interactions are needed among different functional components with INTRODUCTION TO WIRELESS AND MOBILE SYSTEMS, 4e. Focusing on qualitative descriptions and the realistic explanations of relationships between wireless systems and performance parameters, this user-friendly book helps you learn this exciting technology through relevant examples, such as understanding how a cell phone starts working as soon as they get out of an airplane.

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