Library of MARA -Japan Industrial Institute was operated in 2009. At that time, MJII known as Malaysia -Japan Industrial Institute and then switched to the Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA, Beranangg and and then changed to MJII, Beranang . With a collection of reading materials that was provided by MARA headquarters of less than 100 books and still no furniture, library management embarked on a mission to support academic staff and students in learning and teaching at MJII. Library MJII at that time was located in the small room in academic building with only have one book shelf.
After that, in 2010 the library moved to MJII student centre building that was close to the MJIIs' mosque Riyadus Solihin. Hereafter, the developments of library collection, equipment and furniture have been intensified from time to time according on allocation provided. In 2012 library MJII was named as Shizuoka Library as symbolize of Japanese.
Nowadays, Shizuoka Library become one stop centre for all MJIIs' citizen includes MJHEP and OISCA in order providing information and services to support learning and teaching process.
To support MJII vision to produce semi- professional technologists and entrepreneurs in the field of electronic engineering that fulfils user's needs from the point of information, research and service.
To be a knowledge centre that has complete facilities and provides efficient services to support teaching and learning at MJII