Reference Collection
This collection has a location code REF and is located at the Main Library. The materials can be used within this collection only. The reference collection comprises reference books such as encyclopedia, dictionaries, guide books, yearbooks and etc.
General Collection
This Collection Consists of Books on all subjects and is located at the Main Library.  All books in this collection can be borrowed. The Collection In Library include :-
  • Electronic Communications
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microprocessor
  • Radio Communications
  • Instrumentation
  • Computer Programming
Past Exam Paper Collection
This Collection consists a binding exam paper past year semester which is compile together.
Media Collection
This collection comprises non-book materials such as dvd, vcd, cd-rom, dvd-rom and etc come with the book references.
Red Spot Collections
This Collection is located inside staff working section at level 1 of the Main Library. The titles are mainly recommended by lecturer and they serve as compulsory reading materials. 
Leisure Reading Collection
This collection is situated at the Main Library . The collection comprises light reading materials, general and popular in nature, suitable for all users. Reading and browsing are restricted to the corner provided. Borrowing procedures for materials from this collection are similar to that of the General Collection