Loan Rules 

  • Borrowers are required to produce  Staff Card or Student Matric Card if they wish to borrow library materials.
  • No item may be borrowed on behalf of another person and the use of other person membership card is strictly not allowed and library membership is not transferable.
  • Library materials must be recorded by the library staff before taken out of the library.
  • Library materials on loan must be returned or renewed on or before the due date.
  • Users are to check that the items returned are properly cancelled from the loan records before leaving the circulation counter.
  • Loan periods vary according to the category of library users and the type of materials borrowed.
  • Fines will be imposed on overdue library materials and users are not allowed to borrow any materials until the fines are cleared.
Loan Renewal
  • Loans can be renewed, if the item is not in the waiting list or reservation list.
  • Renewal can be made at the Library Circulation Counter.
  • Priority will be given to the first person who made the reservation and this will be followed by the subsequent person in the waiting list or reservation list.
  • Item returned will only be kept for one week and if it is not collected by the person who made the reservation, it will be eventually shelved and can be borrowed by other library users. Reserved item can be collected at the Circulation Counter by mentioning the call no. or title. to the staff on duty
Overdue Library Materials
  • Library materials borrowed must be returned or renewed "on" or "before" the due date. All loans may be recalled at any time, if the materials are urgently required by the library for some reason.
  • It is an offence if library materials are not returned on time. The Library will send an overdue notice via email or letter. However it is the responsibility of the users to return the materials with or without the notice issued.
Overdue Fines
Fines for overdue items are currently charged as follows :
  • 20 cents for each day of late return
Red Spot Collection, Thesis Collection, Project Reports and Past Year Question
  • 20 cents for each day of late return
All fines are required to be paid in cash at the Library Circulation Counter.
Liability of Lost or Damaged Library Materials
  • Users are responsible for the library materials borrowed. Lost or damaged library materials must be reported promptly at the Library.
  • Payment for physical replacement is required for the lost or damaged materials on loaned or used in the library premises.
  • If the material is part of a set or series of materials, the users are required to pay or replace for the whole set or series in the specified collection.
  • Payment for the replacement will be in accordance to the current market price or new or latest edition price and hardcover (if applicable). Final charges will include processing charges deemed necessary or appropriate by the library.
Penalties for Theft, Vandalism or Deliberate Destruction of Library Materials
  • Barred from using all library services and facilities.
  • Penalties and fines will be imposed.
  • Users names will be displayed at the KKTM LEDANG Notices Boards.