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Title : Building Arduino projects for the Internet of Things
Author : Adeel Javed
ISBN/ISSN : 9781484219393
Item Location : MARA Japan industrial Institute
Description :
Gain a strong foundation of Arduino-based device development, from which you can go in any direction according to your specific development needs and desires. You'll build Arduino-powered devices for everyday use, and then connect those devices to the Internet. You'll be introduced to the building blocks of IoT, and then deploy those principles to by building a variety of useful projects. Projects in the books gradually introduce the reader to key topics such as internet connectivity with Arduino, common IoT protocols, custom web visualization, and Android apps that receive sensor data on-demand and in realtime. IoT device enthusiasts of all ages will want this book by their side when developing Android-based devices. If you're one of the many who have decided to build your own Arduino-powered devices for IoT applications, then Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things is exactly what you need. This book is your single resource--a guidebook for the eager-to-learn Arduino enthusiast--that teaches logically, methodically, and practically how the Arduino works and what you can build with it. Written by a software developer and solution architect who got tired of hunting and gathering various lessons for Arduino development as he taught himself all about the topic. For Arduino enthusiasts, this book not only opens up the world of IoT applications, you will also learn many techniques that likely would not be obvious if not for experience with such a diverse group of applications

Title : Sensor Technology Handbook
Author : Jon S. Wilson
ISBN/ISSN : 978-0750677295
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
Without sensors most electronic applications would not exist―they perform a vital function, namely providing an interface to the real world. The importance of sensors, however, contrasts with the limited information available on them. Today's smart sensors, wireless sensors, and microtechnologies are revolutionizing sensor design and applications. This volume is a comprehensive sensor reference guide to be used by engineers and scientists in industry, research, and academia to help with their sensor selection and system design. It is filled with hard-to-find information, contributed by noted engineers and companies working in the field today. The book offers guidance on selecting, specifying, and using the optimum sensor for any given application. The editor-in-chief, Jon Wilson, has years of experience in the sensor industry and leads workshops and seminars on sensor-related topics.

Title : Power System Analysis
Author : Hadi Saadat
ISBN/ISSN : 978-0984543861
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
Power System Analysis Third Edition is designed for senior undergraduate or graduate electrical engineering students studying power system analysis and design. The book gives readers a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of power system analysis and their applications to real-world problems. MATLAB and SIMULINK, ideal for power system analysis, are integrated into the text, which enables students to confidently apply the analysis to the solution of large power systems with ease. In the third edition, Chapter 1 is revised comprehensively to include energy resources and their environmental impacts. It covers various fossil-fuel power plants as well as all modern power plants using renewable energy sources. Also, this chapter includes discussion of the emergence of the smart grid and the role of power electronics in modern power systems.

Title : Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications
Author : Jacob Fraden
ISBN/ISSN : 9783319193021
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the theory (physical principles), design, and practical implementations of various sensors for scientific, industrial, and consumer applications. This latest edition focuses on the sensing technologies driven by the expanding use of sensors in mobile devices. These new miniature sensors will be described, with an emphasis on smart sensors which have embedded processing systems. The chapter on chemical sensors has also been expanded to present the latest developments.

Title : Signals and Systems
Author : Simon Haykin and Barry Van Veen
ISBN/ISSN : 978-0471164746
Item Location : Perpustakaan Shizuoka, MJII
Description :
Haykin and Van Veen have designed Signals and Systems to be appropriate for both one- and two-semester sophomore-junior versions of the Signals and Systems course. The book's integrated, balanced treatment of continuous- and discrete-time forms of signals and systems is both a reflection of the topics' real roles in engineering practice and a clear, practical way of introducing the large range of topics covered by the course. Already known for its extensive example and problem sets, the Second Edition has added even more examples and problems. All chapters have been revised to improve clarity and organization.



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