Rules and Regulations
All users are responsible when the computer (it will automatically turn off after 2 hours)
Library will not be responsible to any loss of Data/files
During peak demand the usage is limited to one hour
Printing is available. A charge for printing (10sen per/copy for A4 and 20sen for A3)
Maximum of 2 individuals may occupy the same workstation.
Abuse to the internet are prohibited
AV Room
Booking must be made three days in advance based on the first come first served.
Key is available from the resource center counter.

1. General Rules and Regulations

    1.1 Users must wear Student Pass & Library Card upon entering the Library

    1.2 SILENCE must be strictly observed in the Library

    1.3 Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in the Library

    1.4 Mobile phones should be put on the vibrate/silent mode

    1.5 Bags, helmets, umbrellas, raincoats, safety shoes and package are notallowed in the library. Shoe rack & cabinet are provided outside the library.

    1.6 Library staff on duty has the right to check books, files and other materials that are taken out of the library.

    1.7 Users are not allowed to rearrange library furniture and equipment from their original place.

1.8 All users should observed proper attire

  1.9 All games (inclusive of digital / electronics) are not allowed in the Library.

  1.10 Pets are not allowed in the Library

  1.11 Users on study or sabbatical leave are required to return all materials

  1.12 Final year student who fail to clear any fines or return materials borrowed from the library completion of their examination results suspended.

  1.13 Student must have Library Card before start to borrow materials from library. The Library Card is Free

  1.14 The books that have used must be placed on the available trolley

  1.15 Any discussion must be held at discussion room

  1.16 Each member is held responsible for all books borrowed. Books should be returned before or on the date due in good conditions

  1.17 Writing or scoring in the book is strictly forbidden

  1.18 Users caught damaging any of the library property will be reported to Principal and disciplinary may be taken

  1.19 Violating of any of the above conditions could result in your loss of borrowing privileges.